When was the last time you had a conversation with Wisdom?

As a coach, I don’t start by prescribing new behaviors. I start  by shining the light on the intelligence inside you. I’m not taking about your intellect or body of collected knowledge, but rather the intelligence that comes from a clear mind, an open heart and a generous dose of curiosity. That intelligence is Wisdom. And it is always available to you.

Growth, resolution, and change can’t happen when we are processing the same recording over and over. We have to let go of everything we are thinking. That is when we can get present with this other aspect of intelligence that is always here. That is where we access greater perspectives, creativity, possibilities, and love.

When you surrender what you are thinking and feeling, your heart wakes up. Your Wisdom and knowing kick in. Its that simple.

Is the voice of Wisdom pulling at you?

You’ll hear Wisdom under the chatter of your thinking mind. It might be telling you to create more meaning in your job; to forge deeper connections; to follow your passions and sense of purpose. It is the voice that does not want you to throw away your gifts, play small, or stay in a career or life that is to cramped for you.

Wisdom is the voice that tugs at you to remind you that you are filled with possibility. You are insightful, resilient and resourceful… And have within you infinite creativity.

Wisdom will guide you to possibilities you have not even yet imagined!

What would you do, and what could you do, if only you listened more to Wisdom and less to fear of getting it wrong, looking foolish, or failing?

Are you ready?

If you are ready to create a change, I can help.

I work with women and men in mid-life who are ready to make a change.  Sometimes this shows up as wanting to re-imagine or advance their career. Sometimes it is a desire to develop new or better relationships. Sometimes it is more of a subtle nagging of knowing there is more to explore about life.

I help my clients learn how to trust Wisdom, find the courage and clarity they need to take action, and create the change they want.

What kind of change are you looking for?

You will find from our coaching conversations that your capacity for creating an extraordinary life has been with you all along. Coaching with me will support you in making the change you want.

Why wait?

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Julie brings wisdom, compassion and excellent practical insights to her coaching

Jen Freitas – Director, People Learning & Engagement at Clif Bar & Company

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