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What is Transformative Coaching?

Whether it is re-designing your business, repairing personal or professional relationships, changing the course of your career, or re-imagining your life, you already have everything you need to make things happen and thrive. Because you have an unlimited capacity for wise, intelligent, & new thinking. This new thinking, a.k.a. ”insight,” can re-shape how you see things and ignite creative solutions to old problems in the blink of an eye.

Insight is the fuel of transformation. When we realize we can enter a flow of insight at any time, growth, innovation, creativity, new opportunities & transformation happen naturally.

Insight creates impact. And you are an impact generator!

When people wake up to see this and access this natural flow, they instinctively start fertilizing their own creative force. It almost feels too easy at times. What I have come to know is, that we have made it way too hard.

The creative force lies within you. This gives you an innate and immeasurable ability to transform.

Each time we learn something new about ourselves, we get a glimpse at our truth. This truth is powerful, creative, beautiful, and is the fuel for growth and transformation.

In 1:1 coaching with me you will receive full support through a close and creative partnership designed to reach your objectives: to accelerate leadership, improve communication, clarify vision, enhance team performance, facilitate career transition, bolster work satisfaction, strengthen relationships, or something else altogether.

My approach brings clarity, simplicity, focus, and impact. I work with people who are willing to look and listen for something new to realize more of who they are, what they are capable of and how they can contribute to others in a bigger way.

This if for those who are open to bringing more passion and purpose into their life. All of my coaching agreements are individually customized. An immersion retreat is recommended to begin our work together so we can set the context and lay a solid foundation from which you can thrive.

Coaching can happen in-person or by phone or video-conference. Contact me for more information.

This 12-month program is not for the faint-of-heart. It is for those who are willing to wake up to the bounty of life, create infinite possibilities, to live deeply connected to their true nature and to surrender to the exhilarating and expansive freedom that comes from unbound creation.

You may be interested in the Master Creator Program if…

  • You want to transform your business or start a new one.
  • You would like to heal past relationships and/or create the relationship of your dreams
  • You are interested in a discovering your life’s work or change in career

The Master Creator Program starts with an immersion retreat to set the context, lay a solid foundation [link to Blog: All about Transformation] and begin to experience your creative and unlimited potential. Over 13 months I will fully support you through scheduled coaching meetings (in person, by phone or Skype) and unlimited email and messaging.

We will explore and create. You will expand in ways you never imagined, and thrive. Contact me for more information.

The Master Creator Program is for you if…

  • You are interested in living a life that is beyond the constraints and paradigms of what you already know.
  • You are curious to realize all of who you are.
  • You are ready to dive in, live a bounty-filled life, and know the greatness of who you are.
  • You want to live big, and love huge.
“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”—
Albert Einstein

The transformative approach to creating a successful business starts with understanding that any problem you encounter is just a set way of thinking waiting for an insight to change it. Understanding this shows us that we are always and only up against our thoughts. Nothing else. New thinking can demobilize what has us stuck and lead us on a new path of creative, innovative ideas.

Julie is a fantastic presenter and leader, having trained our management team on coaching others. She facilitated several workshops and created a coaching model for our team to follow. Her training was well received as it was positive and grounded at the same time. Julie is someone I will certainly keep in mind for future trainings!

Maltais, Vice President HR
YMCA of the Central Bay

When teams and businesses discover that they can generate and apply a multitude of insights at any time, they see radical improvement in personal accountability, clearer communication, productivity, teamwork, personal accountability, creativity, and innovation. Problems no longer seem like problems and we look toward solutions much more easily.

All of my coaching agreements are individually customized. Contact me for more information

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Overcome the desire to be comfortable. It robs you of the opportunity to be extraordinary.

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