I love to wake people up to the magnificence of who they truly are; guide them as they develop their own inner-trust and self-reliance, and create the change they want in their business and life.

I have re-imagined, re-invented, and re-created my business and life so many times that I have lost count. Each version was exactly what I needed it to be, but then at some point I grew out of it. I have learned that I have to let go of what is no longer bringing me alive, and listen deeply to what is calling me.

My specialty lies in guiding individuals to listen deeply and trust their inner guidance system, a.k.a:  their Inner GPS. A.k.a:  Wisdom.

When we listen to Wisdom, creativity and insights occur naturally. We feel better, and therefore DO better. Clients report having more clarity, greater productivity, and performing at higher levels.

Whether it is starting a new venture, changing careers, bringing more joy and creativity into your life or work, carving out more time for what you love, or pursuing more from your relationships, my promise is that our work together will support you in making that change.

As a transformative coach, I don’t give you a series of “new and better” strategies or plans to apply. I don’t tell you that you have to change your behaviors to be happy or successful, and I won’t even suggest that you just need to “positive think” your way through the discomfort.

Coaching conversations with me will bring the clarity, simplicity, focus, and impact you will need to make change.

Check out opportunities for coaching, retreats, and group programs below. Contact me for more information.

In 1:1 Coaching with me you will receive full support through a close and creative partnership designed to create the change you want. 

All of my coaching agreements are individually customized and require minimum requirement of 3 months of partnering together. 

A Wisdom Immersion Retreat is recommended to begin our work together so we can set the context and lay a solid foundation from which you can thrive.

Are you at a turning point in your life or career, though can’t yet picture what is next, or how to get there?

Or maybe you are feeling lost, or lacking meaning, purpose, or connection?

During this Wisdom Immersion Retreat you will understand where to look for the clarity, creativity and wisdom that is within you. You’ll have 2 – 3 days to reflect and connect with yourself and nature. You’ll rediscover your inspiration and explore possibilities.

Wisdom Immersion Retreats are available for individuals or couples and are held at Oak Lea Ranch in Kelseyville, CA.

Is there one person you would like to have a better relationship with? Maybe it’s your spouse or business partner? Or maybe your parent, or child, or a sibling, or even a friend or colleague?

Believe me, I can relate. Relationships are not always easy. You know that phrase… “Relationships take work.” But maybe it’s not the kind of hard or difficult work that you think? Maybe the work has more to do with seeing the stories that you (and we all) have made up about relationships, and learning that the story no longer serves you. 

What if it all could change with one simple insight? I believe it is possible as it has changed for me and for the clients that I have worked with.

If you are interested in transforming your relationships, even just one, let’s start a conversation.

What would having more JOY in your life look like?

I honestly don’t know one person who has not suffered some loss or heartbreak this year. Me too. I also know that over time, loss and heartbreak can shut down my heart, which will also shut down my creativity, my resilience, my gratitude, and… my JOY. 

Yet I have also discovered that JOY is really our natural State of Being. And what interferes with being in our natural State of Being, is just our overactive thinking minds. 

Brene Brown says that Joy is the most terrifying and difficult emotion we experience! 

Click here to register and learn more about this 2-Day retreat,

Together we’ll explore the path to Joy, and discovery ways we can practice and cultivate a life of JOY!

What would it be like to live a life of JOY? 

Do you think it is crazy to even consider that we could let ourselves live in Joy when there is so much struggle and suffering in the world right now? Well, to be honest, I did at first too. But I also realize that when I am experiencing JOY, I have more energy to give to others. I am more compassionate, creative, and inspired. When I am living from JOY, I am a better listener, wife, friend and coach. 


JOY is a State of Being. It is our true nature. When we feel this kind of JOY it comes with boundless gratitude. When we feel this kind of JOY, we are resilient and always look toward possibilities. 

The 12-week virtual JOY Experiment starts January 9th, 2021. Click here for details.

Wanting to get more out of your team? I offer customized and experiential learning programs that support collaboration, improved communication, clarity, creativity and innovation.  What change are you looking for? I would love to help you with that.

Julie is a fantastic presenter and leader, having trained our management team on coaching others. She facilitated several workshops and created a coaching model for our team to follow. Her training was well received as it was positive and grounded at the same time. Julie is someone I will certainly keep in mind for future trainings!

Maltais, Vice President HR 
YMCA of the Central Bay 

Overcome the desire to be comfortable. It robs you of the opportunity to be extraordinary.

Julie Stuart