I’ve had a few new clients recently tell me that they feel afraid as they are beginning a Reboot Retreat or 6-month Reboot coaching program with me.

I have to laugh, because this is usually where my comedian or sarcastic side kicks in with responses like: “I haven’t bitten anybody, yet”; or “Have you been talking with my mother?”; or “Oh, right, because falling in love with your work or life could be devastating!”

I sometimes wonder if my response is well taken, but it also speaks to how working with me is going to be. I am a compassionate guide, incredibly supportive, and I tend to see our humanness as quite amusing.

Humanness. We can’t live without it, so might as well start enjoying it. Every perfect moment of it.

Humanness is perfection. You are perfect just as you are. As a human being, you can’t be anything other than perfect.

How, you ask? Well, we are all doing the best we can with the thinking we have going on at any moment. And our thinking is variable. CRAZY variable! We think we have control over what comes into our heads, but really we don’t. We can have awareness of our thoughts. But that is just a start.

When I watch what comes in and out of my head without attaching any meaning, I notice how much our thoughts do change, moment to moment.

The life of a thought is only as long as you think it. When you stop thinking it, when you don’t jump on that thought train, another different thought will appear just a moment later.
I find this amusing, to say the least!

Try this as an experiment, I dare you… Don’t give your thoughts any meaning and don’t hold onto them. Let them go, sit back, and watch what comes next. You might just be as amused as me!
Imagine this: If thoughts are like helium balloons, the more balloons you are holding onto the more your head will be up in the clouds, the less likely your feet will still be on the ground, and the less available you will be to opportunities here on earth.

The more thought balloons I am holding onto, the less I am available for the present moment, for new creative ideas to come, for connection. I can’t possibly see any new opportunities or possibilities inside these thought balloons. And, unfortunately, I’ll tend feel disconnected, insecure, and trying to control everything when I am up there.

Just like helium balloons, it only matters how many you have, not what color they are. Meaning, it is not the content of your thinking that matters, it is just how much thinking (how many balloons) you are holding onto.

To come down to earth and see what is really available to you, you have to let go of some of some of your thinking.

So… what are we really afraid of? Maybe that too many balloons will pop as you let go of the illusion that holding onto our thoughts can control your life here on earth. And if too many balloons pop at once falling back to earth might just hurt.

I’ve had quite a few clients become teary eyed in our conversations. Not because they hurt themselves when the thought created illusions popped. It is usually because they are touched deeply when they recognize they no longer need to hold onto so many thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve them. And as they gently fall back to the present moment, they wake up to the brilliance and perfection that they already are. They become aware of their infinite creative potential and feel confident with who they are and where they are going. They get excited about what once felt uncertain. And life becomes more effortless and, well, amusing.