My journey as a coach began in 2005 when I attended an orientation day at New Ventures West (NVW). Something inside me so deeply resonated with their faith in our capacity as human beings to grow and learn and create more out of life.Through a commitment to expanding our self awareness and practicing new behaviors, I saw first hand that I could not only get unstuck, but I could create big shifts in my life and others.

After certifying with NVW as an Integral Coach I went on to study with Wendy Palmer, founder of Leadership Embodiment. This work taught me that how we live and move in our physical bodies is directly related to our capacity for leadership, inclusivity, collaboration, creativity, innovation, and trust (amongst everything else!). Through this work I found I was able to support my clients more quickly by addressing patterns in their non-verbal communication. Bodies don’t lie. This work felt like the shortcut to creating lasting change.

Then in 2015 I fell upon a simple yet profound truth about how our experience of life is created from inside ourselves, and that we have an infinite capacity for resilience, creativity, love and joy. It is when we misunderstand this truth that we struggle, and in most cases that misunderstanding will keep us stuck.

In 2017 I studied this understanding with Michael Neill to certify as a Transformative Coach. Since that time everything in my life has transformed. Now, more than ever before, I have complete faith that every human being is filled with innate wellbeing, resilience and an unshakable capacity to manifest their dreams.

My coaching experience covers a vast range of partnerships;  from companies as renowned as Apple and Clif Bar to individuals as unpretentious as stay-at-home moms, and as unique as a very soulful and adventurous truck driver.

I’ve facilitated programs that were created by other consultants, as well as developed and run some of my own, in both corporate and public settings.

I’ve coached teams and individuals at every level of organizations, as well as nonworking students,  parents and retirees.

All of the varied coaching and facilitation that I do can be summed up onto one sentence: I point people back to their own clarity and help bring to light their innate creativity, so they can move forward with greater confidence and ease

At 51 years old I stopped dying my hair, and now a year older I find that it was one of the most freeing things I have done for myself. The more I let go of the labels and beliefs that I think will make me happy, the more I experience pure joy, spontaneity and a rich full life.

I am a believer in humanity; a lover of animals, nature, travel and a really good flourless chocolate cake. I laugh and cry often. I make mistakes and I am learning that saying sorry is much easier than pretending I am right. As I grow older, I notice I am more grateful for the highs and graceful through the lows. I consider myself a life-long learner and for that I find life to be incredibly rich.

I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, and moved to San Francisco in 1997. After a previous divorce, I managed to find the most amazing partner for me who teaches me every day about kindness, and horses, and gratitude. Three years ago, we stumbled upon the small town of Kelseyville in Northern California. It is hard for me to begin to describe the amount of generosity, hospitality and support we felt when we purchased our ranch here. We love sharing Oak Lea Ranch with our rescue dog Ruby, four Nigerian Dwarf Goats,  clients, friends and our incredible community.

It would be my pleasure to support you in realizing the magnificence of who you are.

I’m a better person for knowing and working with Julie. It’s that simple.

Janet Weber, Supply Planning Manager
Method Home