• What if you could experience more Joy every day?
  • Imagine…what if nothing in your life changed, except you experienced less scarcity and more JOY in everything?
  • Consider that your natural state is Joy, and it opens the doorway to more kindness, creativity, compassion and love?

I’ve been giving some serious attention to learning where Joy comes from this year…

I am not going to sugar coat it… this year has been a bit of a shit show for many of us. For me it started off on January 1st being discharged from the hospital after a 5 night stay and surgical repair of my broken right femur. I had two months ahead of me of non-weight bearing. And then three and a half months later, when I was just about to get back to a somewhat “normal” life (not including a significantly weak leg, and chronic pain from the plate screwed into my  femur), the pandemic hit. 

Loss of work and income; loss of loved ones; loss of physical touch from others; loss of family and friend gatherings and celebrations are just a few of the difficulties that we have all faced this year. Grief and loss are palpable this year. People are operating more and more from an experience of scarcity and fear, and don’t see and end in sight.  

Yet more than any other time in my coaching career, clients are expressing a longing for Joy. 

With so much time on my hands while sitting in a chair and recovering from a broken leg, searching for Joy seemed like a worthwhile investment of my time and energy.

What I have discovered, is that Joy does not come from anything outside of me, it is a state of being that is always available, before my intellect takes charge. Yet Brené Brown even says that Joy is the most terrifying and difficult emotions for humans to experience?

So how do we let go of the fear and allow ourselves to feel this natural yet elusive emotion?

In this 2-Day Joy Junkie Retreat, we will learn how to tap into a mindset of Joy. We will shine the light on what gets in the way, and we will practice simple and practical ways to dive back into our natural Joyful selves.

When we experience Joy, we also have more creativity, compassion, resilience. We solve problems with greater ease and see more possibility. Who doesn’t want that?

You are ready for this retreat if you:

  • Want to experience more Joy in your life.
  • Are curious how Joy can lead to better relationships, more resilience, greater creativity and abundance.
  • Are ready to explore a life of Joy and make Joy a regular practice.

Joy Junkie Retreat: Saturday November 7th – Sunday November 8th, 2020*

  • Cost $295
  • 10:00am – 5:00pm Saturday; 10:00am – 4:30pm Sunday
  • Lunch is included both days.
  • Retreat is limited to 8 people. 
  • To Register: Please make payment via Venmo @Julie-Stuart-OakLeaRanch, or get in touch with questions or to make other payment arrangements.
    • A list of local AirBnBs will be sent with registration confirmation.

*Weather permitting. In the case of inclement weather, the retreat will be rescheduled for the spring. You have the option to transfer your registration to the spring program or receive a refund.

My path to Joy:

If you really knew me, you’d know that being Joyful has not always been how I would describe myself. I was once one of those people that could not put a smile on my face no matter what you bribed me with. I was not happy and I would say that I did not really enjoy people, nor even myself.
People that have only met me in the last 10 or more years, find that really hard to believe. But yeah, that was me… irritable, angry, and annoying to almost everyone… including me.
In reality, I was just stuck in insecure thinking. 
Joy has played a bigger role in my life over the last few years, and then showed up in full force this year after I broke my leg, spent months recovering, and then a global pandemic hit.
But I promise you it does not take pain, suffering, and loss to discovery Joy. All it takes is being grateful for how precious life is.
Joy for me comes down to remembering that I have do a choice in how I look at anything through my mindset. And in those months earlier this year that I was not able to walk, I experienced how truly delicate life is. I found myself watching people walking and wondering how the heck they made it look so easy?
Appreciation of walking followed with a true joy of the experience. I now feel like I could walk forever and I appreciate every step I take!

Now I can find myself overwhelmed with gratitude and experience Joy at the most unusual times. And that is where it all starts. I now recognize that a mindset of deep gratitude while remembering the impermanence of everything are the seeds that bloom into Joy.

In this past 5 years, gratitude, impermanence, and Joy have transformed my life…
  • I went from single to in a wonderful relationship, and now lovingly married. 
  • I went from living in a small apartment in Oakland, CA to a 20 acre ranch with 4 goats and one silly and adorable chocolate lab in Kelseyville, CA.
  • I went from working for myself to also co-starting a non-profit with my husband (still in the start-up stages).
  • And, amongst other things, I went from insecure, scarcity minded, perfectionistic and controlling, to abundance-minded, community oriented and Joyful. 
I now sing to our goats, play hide and seek with my dog, tell my husband that I miss him when he is traveling (and that used to be really hard for me!), and trust that life will always guide me. 
If you are interested in cultivating more joy in your life, register for the Joy Junkie Retreat, or the 12-week Joy Experimentor contact me for a conversation about cultivating Joy.