I work with entrepreneurs, small and large businesses, and nonprofits. Some of the companies I have been honored to work with are:

Client Logos - Julie Stuart, Transformative Coach

Julie’s coaching program changed my life, outlook and the way I handle/approach challenges. I’m a better person for knowing and working with Julie. It’s that simple. For the first time in a really long time, I feel like the person I’ve wanted to be. I feel confident, sure, open and engaged.

Janet Weber, Supply Planning Manager
Method Home

It’s impossible to overstate the impact that Julie Stuart has had on my career. I had been at the same company for more than a decade. I wanted a career change, but I was stuck in a rut, struggling to think clearly about what a future might look like, while my head was spinning trying to service the job I had while also being a good husband and parent… Julie helped me to recognize and own my talents. No one could be more surprised by my turnaround than myself. With new focus, clarity and energy, I landed a coveted job within six weeks. Julie was chiropractic for my soul, and I could not have emerged from this process with a more satisfying outcome.

Chaat Butsunturn, Customer Development
Cloudflare, Inc.

Julie was a great addition to our Coaching program at Clif Bar & Co.. She brings wisdom, compassion and excellent practical insights to her coaching and has assisted many of our employees through difficult transitions or helped them find clarity around a work or life questions. I receive compliments all the time from employees raving about Julie’s coaching—how much it has helped and how much they enjoy working with her.

Jen Freitas, Director
People Learning & Engagement at Clif Bar & Company

The business world is abundant with leadership coaches, and I often wonder what draws people to this work. Is it a deep desire to support the development of others and help them succeed… that comes from a giving, caring place…or is it for personal ego gratification? Julie represents the former. She is open, authentic and empathetic. Many people say of her: “It is so easy to talk to you!” Isn’t that the key ingredient of working with a coach…someone you feel comfortable opening up to and confident they will support you in whatever way is needed in order to help you get to where you want to go and become the leader you want to be?

I look forward to opportunities to bring Julie into any of my valued clients. She is a fantastic collaborator, puts 110% of herself into her work and is always looking to get better!

Kelly Dozois, Founder
Ocean Beach Consulting

It is my pleasure to recommend Julie Stuart — Julie is a fantastic presenter and leader, having trained our management team on coaching others. She facilitated several workshops and created a coaching model for our team to follow. Her training was well received as it was positive and grounded at the same time. Julie is someone I will certainly keep in mind for future trainings!

Kelley Maltais, Vice President HR
YMCA of the Central Bay

Sometimes it’s hard to break down and ask for help. Whether it’s the pride of being independent or just the fact that we, as strong individuals, think that we can handle it all sometimes, but every so often we need that “thing” to help ground us, make us feel human and that everything will be ok. That’s what I am lucky enough to have from Julie Stuart.

I was a little embarrassed at first to think that I needed coaching., I am a mom and a professional and thought I could handle it all, but I was fortunate enough to have the chance to meet and be coached by Julie. Julie is one of the most authentic, caring and genuine people I have ever met. She guided me in directions that I would have never had the strength and determination to guide myself. She didn’t just coach me, she provided the tools for me to coach and guide myself. She allowed and pushed me to “think for myself” and dig deep to find the answers and directions inside me. I am thankful to not only have the pleasure to call Julie my coach but a friend as well.

April Rock, Customer Manager
Clif Bar

Julie exceeded my expectations as she took me, as a green, new business owner, and assisted me with my communications skills, building my confidence and guiding me on to a track to success in my business and personal endeavours.  Thank you Julie for working your magic by connecting with me and help me realize my potential.

Greg Collins, Owner/Operator
Keyrenter East Bay