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Group & Private Coaching Program: May 2018

Reboot: To start anew with fresh ideas in a way that is consistent with the principals of the original, but not unnecessarily constrained by what has taken place before.

Reboot: Re-charge, re-imagine, and create infinite possibilities!

  • Do you struggle with difficult people in your ife?
  • Do you wish you always new what to say?
  • Are you sometimes reactive in your responses?
  • Do you find yourself re-playing a conversation over and over in your head, hoping that the answer or next step will show itself?
  • Do you ever wonder why more people do not see things the same way you do?

If you responded yes to any of these questions, The Mind-Reboot for Communication Program may be just what you are looking for. Why? I have a knack for helping people speak with more clarity, listen with more curiousity, establish stronger connection, and build trust and understanding.

In the Mind-Reboot for Communication Program you will:

  • Learn the fundamental principles of what makes for effective communication
  • Develop your capacity to be more curiuos and become a better listener
  • Tap into your innate ability to speak what is true for you in any situation
  • Learn how to establish trust and good rapport with even the most difficult people
  • Understand why people see things differently and discover your innate capacity for conversations that transform your relationships, your business, and your life

I am not the coach who gives you a step-by-step manual on what to say and when to say it. I believe that effective communication is not something we can plan ahead for because we can’t guarantee the other person will respond as we hope they might.

What makes The Mind-Reboot for Entrepreneurs Program so transformational is that I teach you a new mindset that will create the best opportunity for being clear, honest, authentic, and curious. When you adopt this mindset, creative and collaborative conversations happen with ease.

The Mind-Reboot for Communication Program includes:

  • 1-Pre-call: 60-90 minute individual coaching session: by phone or video
  • A day-long group intensive – May 5th, 2018
  • 2- Individual follow-up coaching sessions: By phone, video, or in-person in Emeryville. ~90 minutes/session

For more questions, please contact me.