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Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, afraid?

Maybe you’re feeling a little lost after losing your work and missing a sense of purpose.

Or are you just going a little stir-crazy with the social distancing orders?

I have been practicing my own version of social distancing since last November when I underwent a total hip replacement surgery. And then just 4 weeks later I fell, broke my femur, needed a 2nd surgery, and was put on non-weight bearing for another 7 weeks. Today, just a mere 17 weeks after my first surgery, and 1 week after the official “shelter-in-place” orders where I live, I am, fortunately, feeling pretty appreciative.

Through my own recovery and confinement I’ve had some big insights on how to stay sane during this unprecedented time. I’ve also developed some ways to engage with the day-to-day that have helped me not only cope with the experiences of isolation, overwhelm, boredom, stress and FOMA (fear of missing out), but have me feeling the true freedom that can only come from within ourselves.

Please join me as we explore ways to stay sane; cope with overwhelm, stress and boredom; and even find the pony in all this manure.

When: Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 @ 5:00 Pacific Time

Where: This is a live virtual webinar. You’ll receive the log-in link for the call once you register.

Bring your questions and challenges you are facing for real-time coaching.

To be truly free one must recognize that the only limitations we have are self-made. Once we start to look beyond the beliefs we hold as “true” we see a world that is limitless. Our practice then is to keep looking beyond the constraints that we think we see, and get curious as to what we have yet to discover.

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