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Now, more than ever, I hear myself and others saying… “I have no idea what “x” will look like, in 3 months, 6 months, a year… or even tomorrow for that matter!”

Whether you are trying to keep your business going or growing, recently unemployed, or now working from home and doing your best to home-school your kids, we are all in this together. We really don’t know what life and business will look like in the future. We can project our ideas, desires and/or fears. But that is all made up too.

Each week we will explore a different topic and offer real time coaching. We’ll explore were resilience comes from, why control does not work, and what helps us to be at our best every day.

We will learn when it is best to use your intellect and when it is best to let your imagination and creativity take charge.

We will explore everything from soulful leadership, growing your business, creativity, confidence… what has us being our best in the great unknown.

Please join us.

Bring your questions and challenges you are facing for real-time coaching.

Join the private Facebook group to share your insights and learnings, and find out what the next week’s topic will be.

We’ll often have guest speakers and offer resources (books or videos) on the topics discussed.

Do you have a specific topic that you’d like to explore? Suggestions are welcome in the private Facebook group!

When: Thursdays at 11:00am PST. April 2020.  All dates are listed in the private Facebook group.

Where: This is a live virtual webinar. You’ll receive the log-in link for the calls once you register.

Whether you participate in all sixteen conversations, or just one, the promise is that if you come with a curious and open mind, you are sure to hear something new.

Register here!