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What is on offer in life is only limited by your imagination. To live an extraordinary life, you must follow what makes you come alive and let go of what does not. Period.
When you open yourself up to what is possible in life, there is not much that can stop you. We only stop ourselves with  limiting beliefs. What if none of those limiting beliefs were actually true? I mean really, not true at all!? What if anything was on offer? Meaning, any level of happiness & fulfillment… the career, relationship, life that you dream of?
I’m not saying that it is going to be easy. But I do believe that we can do more, have more, love more, than we ever thought was possible. The joy of life is in making it happen. That is what brings us fully alive.

Join us for 2 days in nature, under the 20 acres of Oak trees in Northern California, with an intimate group of smart, inspiring individuals, for this 2-day retreat.

You will get out of your head, get out of your own way, and start to create where you previously stopped yourself.

As a coach, I guide my clients to access their infinite well of creativity, a.k.a. their inner GPS, wisdom, innate knowing, intuition, love, inner guide, personal genius, inner sage, etc. I help them envision something better and take courageous steps to bring their dreams into life.

What is on offer is a deep and trusting partnership with this infinite well of creativity; and the spark of inspiration to take the next steps into action.

The weekend will include guided sessions, extended time for personal reflection, walks in nature, shared meals and conversation.

Reimagine your life or business by taking time to connect, reflect, listen and dream!

  • Includes:
    • 2 individual coaching sessions: 1 prior and 1 post retreat
    • 4 meals and Snacks: Lunch and Dinner on Saturday May 4th; Breakfast, and Lunch on Sunday May 5th.
      • Does not include:
  • Does not include Lodging:
    •  A list of recommended places to stay will be sent with registration, or just ask anytime. There are many places close by, Some are even walkable from Oak Lea Ranch.

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