I was recently on a video call with a client and I could see the dirt filled Dust Devil swirling around her. Well, almost. She was actually inside her home, sitting on a chair as we talked. But she was caught up in her head and her thoughts were spinning. The more she shared the more she almost seemed to be levitating out of her seat and spinning in her head. Thoughts were flying everywhere…

What should I do?
Am I on the right path?
What if I am not successful?
How will I know it’s the right path?
What if it does not work?
What if I fail?
How do I even start?

The problem was not a lack of certainty or confidence. The problem is that she was stuck in the Dust Devil of the mind.

Can you imagine what it might feel like to be inside a real Dust Devil? I caught this one on video just a few days ago outside my window. It reminds me a lot of how I feel when I am caught up in my mind… thoughts whirling in circles everywhere, my head is in the dust clouds. I feel completely ungrounded, have no clarity, and meander without direction.

That was my client.

I reminded her that her overactive thinking was just obstructing her perspective, and that clarity can never be found when our thoughts are swirling. She started to settle down.

When I asked her where her experience of joy, and inspiration, and clarity comes from, she was reminded that just yesterday she felt all of that and more, when she was not caught up in an overactive mind. She remembered that joy, inspiration and clarity all reside within her true nature.

I pointed out that when she is spinning in the Dirt Devil of the mind, there is nothing that can be figured out. Let the dust settle. Look for fresh thinking (not the same old fears and questions of the past)… Clarity, creativity and joy will follow.

Don’t try to solve anything when your thoughts are spinning! Answers are found when we have clarity.

Clarity and certainty are found in the moment, not in the spinning Dust Devil mind. Confidence is not a question when we are in the present. Confidence is our nature.

Next time you feel your head spinning…

Hang out with your breath for a few minutes.
Let the spinning go. Don’t go back there.
Let go of yesterday’s regrets.
Let go of tomorrow’s worries and plans.
Let go of any image of who you think you have to be.

Clarity, creativity and joy are all waiting for you in this moment.

Start there. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed!

Click here to check out this video of the Dust Devil I saw!