No one has asked me yet, but I seriously do expect someone to say: “What do you mean by transformation? Can anyone just transform?”

Can we really transform our business, our life, or… anything?

I whole heartedly say YES!

I have been coaching for 12 years, and always have held a belief that change is not only possible, but inevitable if we keep paying attention and stop trying to step on the breaks, or get in our own way.

Now, don’t deny it. You know you get in your own way. Me too, in fact. I get in my way when I am only seeking security, positivity, comfort, and the easy road to success. I get in my way when I fear failing, or even falling for that matter. I especially get in my way when I think something is going to be hard and I believe I have to do it alone. I get in my way when I have more concern for what others might think than listening to my true nature and act in accordance with it.

We cannot live meaningful, purposeful, inspired and inspiring lives if we are only seeking security and easy life.

I recently read a statistic that the universe is expanding at a rate of 46.2 (plus or minus 1.3) miles per second per megaparsec (a megaparsec is roughly 3 million light-years.) Now, I am not sure my little human brain can comprehend that statistic, however I fully acknowledge that the universe is constantly growing and expanding. Yes, constantly. So when we consider that we are made of the same energy that created the universe, then we must be growing and expanding all the time too. To stop ourselves from growing and therefore changing is actually much harder than you think.

The question I have then is: If the energy that created this universe is so prodigious, and it is inevitable that I will grow and change, how much control do I have over which direction I go?

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” – Soren Kierkegaard.

What if growing and transforming are actually innate? And all it took was slowing down and letting this tremendous force of energy that created the universe take over.

Hmmm… Have you considered that?

What if all it actually took to live our best life is to show up, remember that we are made of this most prodigious source of energy, and let it guide us on the right path?

My coach and teacher Michael Neill has this simple prescription for living your best life:

1.a. ) Show up.
2.a. ) Respond to what shows up.

And I’ll add two points:
1.b. ) Pay attention, be aware, and remember that you are made of pure potential energy.
2.b. ) Take one step at a time and keep your eyes on the horizon.

Let me tell you, the energy that is inside of you and me, which also created the universe, is much more powerful and even intelligent than either of our little human brains.

Intelligent, yes, because it keeps the sun rising, and the earth rotating around the sun. It created gravity so we don’t fall off the earth into the sky. It has plants growing toward the sun, and bees pollinating the flowers and creating honey. It has Wildebeests and other animals lining up at watering holes, and acorns growing into oak trees.

As humans, on a biological level, our cuts heal on their own, we learn to walk without an instruction manual, and we sneeze (without thinking about it) when something tickles our nostrils.

On a psychological level, this energy -through our human brains- gives us the ability to think, continually generating new thoughts and ideas, while forming our personal perspectives and beliefs.

Thoughts are like the invisible Play-Doh of the mind. We experience our thoughts through our brain and our senses. Have you ever noticed that everything going on in your mind, every single thought, feeling, sensation, everything that you are aware of is only happening in your own private internal world? We are all watching our own movie, in our own personal IMAX theatre. Our thoughts are what we experience, not the outside world. Without this power of thought, we would not have an experience of life.

On top of that, we have this extraordinary power to generate new thought. We often take this for granted because it is innate to us. Generating new thoughts is this invisible and limitless power that gives us the freedom and ability to transform.

A new thought, or a.k.a. insight, is our personal power source.

“Genius is nothing more than seeing life in a non-habitual way.” – William James

Here is what I know to be true about Transformation:

  1. We live in a thought-created world.
  2. We only experience our thinking, not the outside world.
  3. You have all the common sense and wisdom you need and it comes in the form of Insight
  4. Insightful thinking is our nature.
  5. Insight is new thought that comes from within and gives us fresh ideas and creative solutions to old problems
  6. You are an Insight Generator.

What I understand now about transformation is that I have to stop getting stuck in old thinking, believing that my circumstances are stopping me, and the world has to be a certain way in order for me to be successful and/or just be okay.

What I now trust is that when I remember I have this infinite power source at my ready, and I let go of the constraints and parameters of what my little human brain thinks it knows, I can tap into a limitless supply of new thinking.

Through this understanding of transformation I have personally transformed a relationship with my mom. I have fallen in love. I now co-own 2 horses with my partner, and I am thriving doing work that I love. My life continues to get more interesting, and yet, all I am really doing is:

  • Showing up.
  • Responding to what shows up.
  • Taking action and keeping my eyes on the horizon.
  • Letting go of striving for comfort and security in exchange for living an extraordinary life.

Oh… And when I am stuck, I generally go for a hike and let my busy-minded and stressful thinking settle until new and insightful thoughts appear.

If you are interested in learning more, or are interested in working with me as Insight Catalyst and Innovation Partner, I’d be honored to have a conversation with you.

And yes, that is your invitation to show up.

Thanks for reading!
With Much Love & Gratitude,